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Happy Asian Woman Sitting On Sofa And Holding Credit Card And Smart Phone For Shopping Online Paymen

Southeast Asian online shoppers lead the world in spending via apps

Southeast Asian online shoppers are leading the world when it comes to spending on shopping apps.

Shoptalk Europe

Alibaba GM: Chinese consumers most well-informed and demanding globally

More insights from Copenhagen as Shoptalk Europe continues.

Boom time for Thailand internet shopping

As consumers become more tech savvy, Thailand internet shopping has boomed.

Fashion Girl Shopping Online With Bags Beside

US online shopping spend soars in second quarter

US online shopping spending rose at the fastest rate in five years in the second quarter of this year.

Close-up Of Person Buying Cloth While Shopping Online On Mobilephone

UK online spending growth slowest since 2013

UK online spending growth is now the slowest since 2013, as inflation begins to impact consumers.

VALENCIA, SPAIN - JUNE 13, 2014: A DHL delivery van on the street in Valencia. DHL is a world wide c

Thailand gains DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce domestic delivery service launched in Thailand.

Chinese top Asian online shopping ranks

The Chinese top the Asian online shopping rankings, according to a survey by MasterCard.


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