FamilyMart expands Bangkok delivery service with Kerry

Convenience store chain FamilyMart has partnered with logistics operator Kerry Express to expand its Bangkok delivery service.

“Today, the e-commerce market has grown continuously for more than 20 per cent annually, and individual consumers have also had a greater demand for express delivery over the past three to five years,” said Central FamilyMart president Chiranun Poopat.

“We have introduced Kerry Express, an express delivery service, available 24 hours a day at our FamilyMart stores in Bangkok and surrounding locations. The door-to-door express delivery will be provided to our individual customers so that they will be able to send their parcels to any locations throughout the Kingdom with fast and high-standard delivery process.”

The new service is being promoted with a free limited-edition parcel delivery box available to customers during the Christmas period. The box will be provided to customer spending more than THB79 (US$2.42) via its express delivery service.


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