Syn-Lab design plays off cafe’s inventiveness

“Expect hard and explore harder” was the design concept behind Bangkok’s Syn-Lab cafe, says local company Party Space Design.

Syn-Lab is owned by Synova, which creates its own food and drink recipes. The Party Space design team was interested in the client’s inventive approach, reports Retail Design Blog.


“We realised that the process of invention is full of trials and errors in practice,” says the team. “This led to the concept … it is about continually researching until getting the best result.”

As a result, the team thought the experiment of putting together new materials for the cafe’s interior design was worth trying. “Sometimes the conclusion is not the same as the expectation.”


As well as this approach, the team also gathered elements from the client’s test kitchen, using for example test flasks as random lamps in the bar.


It also decided to introduce a sense of New York lifestyle, creating fonts and graphics for menu boards and quotes on the wall.

At the back of the cafe there is a wall resembling a glasshouse, adding an inviting bright touch. A door concealed between windows leads to a workshop room that features a hand-painted wall by Thai artist Mamablues.

Other elements include Dr Syn and her assistant Lady Pastry, created to tell the story of Synova.


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