IconSiam funds Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Center on Chao Phraya River

IconSiam has revealed its support for the building of Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Center to encourage learning about the area, preserve its tradition and culture and to promote sustainable tourism.

Siam Piwat, which owns IconSiam, the giant shopping mall under construction on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, says it wants to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities and a long-lasting co-existence with the Chao Phraya River.

“Hence, IconSiam continues to fulfill its missions related to social development throughout three projects: namely the conservation of natural resources and the environment of the Chao Phraya River in the vicinity; the sustainable development of the communities and their unique local wisdom; and the preservation of the precious culture and traditions of the people living along the Chao Phraya River for generation after generation.”

IconSiam has cooperated with the Urban Design & Development Center (UddC), Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Community, including homes, temples, schools, and government agencies  and the PPCP (public-private-community partnership), which comprises government agencies, private organisations and religious groups, to co-work and draw up a development plan for establishing the Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Center.

05 Model of Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Center

Supoj Chaiwatsirikul, MD of IconSiam Co, said another key aspect of the company’s CSR activities is a contribution to the development of sustainable communities. IconSiam has been working on the project since 2015 and the company hopes the centre will be a pilot project and a model for other Thai communities’ development.  

Assistant professor Niramon Kulsrisombat, director of the Urban  Design & Development Center (UddC), said the initiative came from the realisation that the area is one of the oldest communities in Bangkok-Thonburi. During the past 10 years, people both within and outside the area have created many activities to rehabilitate the neighbourhood to become lively again. Yet, temporary activities have their limitations and there has been a quest to find longer-term solutions.

Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Center, scheduled for completion in 2018, is located on a 250 sqm area at Memorial Bridge, adjacent to the riverfront court of the City Law Enforcement Department, which is where Kadeejeen and Klongsarn meet. The centre will serve as a public utility space and as the gateway to these communities, as well as a starting point for tourists and others wanting to learn more about the area. It will also showcase products from these communities.


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