Naver AI platform recommends travel options

South Korean internet giant Naver has launched Context Recognition AI (ConA), an artificial intelligence platform that automatically recommends travel destinations overseas.

According to Naver, parent of messaging app Line, amongst other things, ConA uses ‘deep-learning technology’ and makes use of big data from online tour sites or restaurant information to come up with travel themes and ideas based on different travel purposes.

For instance, if one were to search for tour packages in Singapore, the Naver AI technology would suggest themes like “travelling with family,” “best nightscapes,” or “exotic”.

ConA has the ability to read data on the web to extract the most useful information, hence the name context recognition, said a company spokesperson.

The new Naver AI platform is based on some 12.2 million travel-related posts from Naver’s massive online communities, and it even provides ratings based on traveler reviews, in addition to other essential travel information including the time and total distance of travel required for recommended routes.

“ConA can analyse travel data written in other languages as well, including English and Chinese, and it has potential to be developed into a global service platform,” the Naver spokesperson said.

“We’re also considering its implementation in Naver Place (a recommendation platform for domestic news and activities), so it can automatically recommend things like festivals, attractions, and cultural events (in Korea).”


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